Stun Gun

I have been teaching Self-Defense for years and there is one question that people keep asking me. “What should I carry with me for self-defense?” The answer is in this video, enjoy.

24 comments on “Stun Gun
  1. GreenOptima says:

    Kick it in the jaw and it will leave you alone. Are you seriously that much of a little bitch?

  2. theory816 says:

    im getting me sum pepper spray!

  3. karlamax3 says:

    Thank you for doing this- very informative and I will get pepper spray instead! THANKS

  4. NikuNekoDoki says:

    I just got a mace pepper for 12 dollars at the police depot in RI. I have faith that this is very effective. One tip is to move around pressing the peeper spray hard and kind of taking your distance with the attacker (if that’s possible) never stay in one point, in the instructions it says that you can be 10 feet away and it will strongly affect the attacker. The victim should be pressing the spray hard even if it takes half of it. DONT MAKE LITTLE SPRAYS

  5. Terry Turner says:

    iam getting both

  6. Greg Brady says:


  7. Greg Brady says:

    THis guy is a pussy. I waas maced before and didn’t act like this pussy. It burns but its ok.


    Odviously if someones attacking you their eyes are going to be open.


    Their attacking you lol yes you feel bad but not enough because they want to hurt you but if you have been mased assume the position haha.

  10. jrelated1 says:

    I was OC’d for a law enforcement agency and I have to say, it is by far more effective than a hand held taser. OC Was one of the most painful experiences of my life.

  11. kevin lim says:

    how are you sometimes considered a professional?

  12. Cody McCliss says:

    you would probably much rather get pepper sprayed then tazed with an actual tazer, not a stun baton or stun gun

  13. HawkBlackUS says:

    I have Been tazed By an X26 and I would perfer to be tazed again then being OC sprayed OC spray Is pepper sprayed for the people who dont know.

  14. omniphish says:

    Inferno by Cold Steel baby. That foam will put you on your butt faster than mace. Pepper spray is always better because you can get someone at a farther range and you can spray from any direction. There is no chance of someone taking the spray from you. A stun gun might piss the person off more.

  15. Des Malone says:

    On a completely unrelated note, I wish he came in clone because he’s full on sexy.

    On a completely related note, I picked up Diablo Guard Dog flashlight/stun gun…it’s charging now. Won’t be zapping myself though. Least, not on purpose :P

  16. kevinhodgkins007 says:

    tazer will work all the time
    pepper spry wont work on someone with cocane or other drugs

    tazer can miss target
    pepper spray effects a large area

  17. bhbrklyn says:

    Pepper spray will work even better on someone who is under the influence of stimulants. Taser definitely will not work all the time as most of them are cheap China made and require batteries which drain even when you don’t have it on.

  18. geronimo avalos says:

    Iv been OCd worst shit ever! Lol felt like sumone was clawing on my face! But I had to go thru a obstacle course and handcuff guys! Lol

  19. SupremeOverlordPUTIN says:

    just buy some tear gas

  20. Your Mom says:

    Don’t skip leg day, bro.

  21. richard smith says:

    i carry a 2 million volt stun gun and spray so doesnt matter blind them then shock them

  22. TehSkyLineEdits says:

    But, what if there was a way to combine them both! o.O

  23. evenesence21 says:

    I love him hahaha

  24. Archana M says:

    hey there, really well done video, thanks for sharing :)

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